AIoTtalk: A SIP-Based Service Platform for Heterogeneous Artificial Intelligence of Things Applications


Recently, several Internet of Things (IoT) service platforms have been proposed to facilitate IoT application deployment. These platforms typically utilize the lightweight MQTT or CoAP application protocol, optimized for massive IoT applications. Unfortunately, these protocols are not suitable for the emerging, more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT). Session initiation protocol (SIP), in contrast, is a signaling and controlling protocol for real-time multimedia sessions, and has been viewed as a better candidate to provide a full range support of different broadband, critical, and industrial AIoT applications. However, there exists no generic SIP-based AIoT service platform that supports creations and operations of heterogeneous AIoT applications with various quality of service. This article presents the first SIP-based AIoT service platform, AIoTtalk, that enables rapid development of scalar and multimedia AIoT applications. Moreover, we deploy an experimental testbed and two real SIP-based AIoT applications to demonstrate the applicability and the performance of our AIoTtalk under both the cloud and edge scenarios. The experimental results show that, together with accurate model predictions and edge-virtualization auto scaling, AIoTtalk guarantees low latency and high quality of experience for messaging and streaming-based AIoT applications.

IEEE Internet of Things Journal
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